作为全球十大外围指定平台金融知识的一部分, 我们想帮助你花时间做预算, understand your credit and if you choose to borrow loans to help pay for college costs, 只借你需要的东西. 一旦你毕业,我们也希望你知道你的贷款偿还方式.


需要对. 希望

When you are creating your budget you should consider things like “needs vs. 希望.“我们每个人都有一些共同的东西,我们需要或需要生活. 基本需求的例子包括食物、水和住所. 对很多学生来说, 在我们生命的不同时期,这些需求可能会有所不同, 比如我们退休的时候, 丢掉工作, 离婚或者生病不能工作. 除了基本的需要,你还有其他的东西可以使用和购买. They often are things you would love to have but could do without if you do not have the money to buy them. Some examples are eating out, getting a manicure, a new bicycle or designer clothes. 虽然一件物品可能是需要的,但预算仍然很重要. 例如,学生可能需要一台电脑来完成作业.


We will say it: sometimes 全球十大外围指定平台 may not be the most affordable option! However, Regis may offer a better program than another school that may cost slightly less. Regis的课程、灵活性和地理位置是否使其成为最佳选择? 当然可以! Make sure to do your research and look at the direct and “indirect” costs of your degree. 在线课程或课堂课程适合你吗? 课堂课程还是在线课程更便宜? 即使课堂课程更便宜, 如果你可以把在线课程作为你项目的一部分, you may be able to reduce transportation costs or make time for a part-time or full-time job to provide flexibility of when/where you complete your course work and earn money towards your education.


Part of debt management is determining how much you can afford to spend on your education and how much you should borrow based on your future salary. It may make sense for a medical school student to borrow $200,000 in student loans. 它甚至可能是必要的. 但这种贷款债务并不是对每个项目的每个学生都有意义. 对一些学生来说,即使是其中的一小部分也可能太多了. We encourage you to do a bit of research online to find the average salary based on your program.


每个人都应该制定并遵守预算. There are great budget calculators online (search budget calculators and you will find quite a few), 但这里有几个简单的步骤:

  1. 组织: 写下你所有的开支、收入和储蓄.
  2. 跟踪: Keep a detailed log of everything (even little items you spend your money on.)
  3. 分析: 什么在起作用?? 什么不起作用? 你把钱花在哪些不必要的东西上了?
  4. 反应: If your expenses are more than your income, come up with a plan so that you can get back on track.
  5. 点评: 每月回顾一下你的预算,特别是如果你的收入可以变化的话.

学生s have other items to consider when they look at their budget to attend college. 看看这样的事情:

学校所在的城市不同,生活费用也不同. 如果你打算搬到丹佛读研究生, 你应该研究一下住房的成本(租房还是买房). 如果你在丹佛上学,休息时坐飞机回家, 想想一张机票要花多少钱,然后做相应的计划.

All students who complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal 学生 Aid) usually qualify for student loans. You may also want to research other forms of aid like scholarships, grants and workstudy. 你可以 在援助类型页面上查找基于您的项目的信息.

The more expensive the school, the more likely it is you will have to borrow loans. 你可以 访问相关的出勤费用页面 看看你项目的成本.

You should consider the amount of time it will take you to complete your program. 对于许多本科生来说,这是4年. 但是,你需要第五年吗? For graduate students or students working full-time but taking classes online or in the evenings, 完成课程所需的时间长短可能会有所不同. Think about how many semesters or years it will take you to finish and understand that the cost of one semester or year of your program should be multiplied to get an idea of what you will need.


Your credit score and credit history can affect so much in life like your ability to cover expenses or make large purchases in the future. 一些学生贷款是基于信用的, 一旦你借了学生贷款, 及时足额偿还贷款对保持良好信用至关重要.

你的学生贷款确实对你的信用有影响. 学生贷款要报告给信用报告机构. 在这些贷款开始偿还之前,它们的状态是“开放/信誉良好”.“一旦你开始偿还贷款, 你每月的付款和期限报告给信用机构.

在你决定借钱购买任何东西之前, 包括借钱上大学, 我们认为回顾你的信用记录是个好习惯. 你可以 申请免费信用报告 每年.



我们有很好的信息贷款选项为所有学生列出在我们的 援助页面的类型.

Before you choose to borrow loans, we think it is important to review a loan repayment calculator. 你可以 indicate how much you have already borrowed or how much you plan to borrow to review your eventual monthly payments by 来访的热门产品.政府. 如果月供看起来太多了, 在前进之前,你会想要后退一步. 你们项目的平均工资是多少? 你需要借那么多钱吗? Have you reviewed your budget and looked at all of your income and savings options?

有时候,数学并不能解决问题. You may need to pause and decide if going to school is the right option or if your program is offered at other institutions that may make it more financially manageable. 你可能并不总是喜欢偿还学生贷款, 但我们希望你在毕业后为这些报酬做好准备.

了解你所借的贷款是很重要的, limit how much you are borrowing and review all the different loan repayment options when you graduate.

Most federal student loans will go into repayment 6 months after you graduate or stop enrolling at least half-time (even if you haven’t yet graduated). 联邦贷款还提供各种不同的还款计划(查看不同的还款计划).

看看你所有的选择. Just because you start repayment with one repayment plan doesn’t mean you can’t change to a different option later that works better for you. You’ll want to work with your loan servicer to discuss all of your options and the steps to change payment plans. 如果你不知道你的贷款服务商是谁,你会想知道的 登录国家学生贷款数据库系统(NSLDS).

当你被大学录取时,至少有一半的时间, your past student loans and the loans you are currently receiving will go into an "In-School Deferment" status. 这意味着你不必为他们付钱. However, there are certain loans that will continue to accrue interest on them. 考虑一下你走的时候还利息. 从长远来看,这将为你省钱! Your enrollment will be reported to the National Clearinghouse after the add/drop date has passed for your class. If you are registered at least half-time and your loan servicer is requesting payment, 你可以联系他们,拿到一份校内延期表格. Our Records and Registration Office can complete this form to verify enrollment.

Forbearance also allows you to temporarily stop making payments on your student loans. 然而,这与校内延期略有不同. 有两种类型的宽容:一般和强制. 学生s typically will request a General Forbearance due to financial difficulties, 医疗费用, 就业变动等原因. General Forbearance is available for Direct Loans, FFEL Program Loans and Perkins Loans. 强制性忍耐有更多的资格要求.

你可以 find more information on Mandatory Forbearance General Forbearance and Deferment.

拖欠发生在你拖欠贷款的第一天. You must pay the missed payment and continue to make all other payments on time to no longer be delinquent on your loans. After 90 days of delinquency your loan servicer will report your non-payments to the three major reporting credit reporting bureaus. 这将对你的信用评分和历史产生负面影响!

Default occurs when you continue to be delinquent on your student loan payments. Whether your loan is considered to be in default depends on the type of loan. 你可以 查找有关拖欠和违约的其他信息.